Silvestre [Silvs]
20 | Spain | Male

Multifandom Blog. Mostly THG.

Don't confuse mercy with weakness.


I live and breathe sugarcubes.

Finnick Odair is my everything.

No matter where are you, you can hear my tears about Odesta everywhere.

You have to know that I always dream about Eoin Macken because he's my sun and stars. Don't forget that Sam Claflin is my husband. Sometimes I call Pedro Pascal as my fucker. I'm save because Andrew Lincoln is always here to be my sheriff. As much as Andrew Garfield, who is my hero. And when I'm sad, Dylan O'Brien makes me feel happy because he's my dork.

The Maze Runner

Agents of SHIELD (s1)
Glee (s2)

waiting for
Game of Thrones (s5)
My Mad Fat Diary (s3)
Once Upon a Time (s4)
Orphan Black (s3)
Teen Wolf (s4)
The Fall (s2)
The Night Shift (s2)
The Walking Dead (s5)


always obsession
Sam Claflin
Eoin Macken

current obsession
Dylan O'Brien

more obsessions
Andrew Garfield
Bradley Cooper
Chace Crawford
Dylan Bruce
Emma Stone
Jamie Dornan
Orlando Bloom
Pedro Pascal



where can you
find me?


Happy 28th Birthday, @samclaflin!

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